Whilst watching Chronicles of a Champion, featuring Open Champion
Darren Clarke, one quote stuck out for me “If you don’t aspire to anything,
where are you going to go? You have to aspire to something”,

and it’s something I stick by every day.

My aspiration is to one day play professional golf, competing against some of the world’s best. It’s a never ending journey and over the last 3 years I’ve made some great progress to pursue my goal.

Join me on this journey of discovery, from learning about the game,
to competing in tournaments & everything in-between. Hear how
I train & concentrate on parts of my game that are going
to improve me, technically, physically & mentally.

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The purpose of the onepodlife podcast is to share insights from Golf
Professionals; not your typical PGA or European Tour players, but the aspiring
Professionals on the lower rank tours. If you’re like me and aspire to become
a professional golfer, but what does it take to actually get there?

I’ll be talking to up and coming Golf Professionals playing on Tours such
as Jamega, Clutch, LET Access Series and TP, hearing their stories, how they
turned professional and any advice they can give me on how to get there myself.

I’ll also be speaking to some special guests, such as PGA Coaches
and how they go about moulding their students ready for life on Tour.


Listen now…


A new YouTube channel called oneprolife* bringing you extended on-course interviews with some of the best on the mini tours. Giving you and me a bigger, better understanding of what it’s like to be a professional golfer!

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A community where we can all share experiences, advice and hear directly from pros. OPL Hub* is your opportunity to take your game to a new level, Zoomcasts with players, special offers, live videos and talks with coaches.

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