Whilst watching Chronicles of a Champion, featuring Open Champion Darren Clarke, one quote stuck out for me “If you don’t aspire to anything, where are you going to go? You have to aspire to something”, and it’s something I stick by every day.

My aspiration is to become the best golfer I can be & one day
playing professionally, competing against some of the world’s best.
So every decision I make is in pursuit of my goal.

Join me on this journey of discovery, from learning about the game, to competing in tournaments & everything in-between. Hear how I train & concentrate on parts of my game that are going to improve me, technically, physically & mentally.


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In golf, as in life, you always need some guidance to set you on your way.

I’m currently working with:

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Technical Coach
Levi Smith – @levi_smith_golf
Based: Chadwell Springs, Ware

“Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes patience and hard work!”. Levi is a new addition to Team OPL and I’m looking forward to the next part of journey and pushing on with him.

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Mind Performance Coach
Steve Thomas – @mindcoachsteve
Based: ST Performance Coaching, Dubai

Steve has been helping me with a part of the game that is over looked so much, the mental side. We’ve been working on processes and mindset when it comes to training and playing.


Health & Fitness Coach
Joe Brooks – @joe_macrogolf @macrogolfonline
MacroGolf Online Coaching

As an athlete, it’s important to keep up with a regimented fitness regime, that’s where Joe comes in. Fellow golfer himself and well educated fitness coach, Joe is helping me to perform better by training my body.

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I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with some great brands on my journey so far.

Below are my current partnerships:


Bandit Golf Apparel Ambassador

As a brand, BGA are trying to bring together a range of headwear that can be worn on and off the golf course, from Truckers to Peaky Blinders style Caps. Their designs are very unique and BGA are dedicated to keep bringing out new lines. Use code OPLBANDIT to get 10% off your order.

Visit banditgolfapparel.com to see their range.


Enahgy Golf Ambassador

Enahgy Golf is a golf development platform. They are committed to providing a service that allows you to reach your maximum potential by improving your mindset, creating physical longevity and funding your golf career. What they’ve done is take the professional “Tour Team” experience and brought it to you through their platform so that you can have your very own tour team in your pocket.

Visit www.enahgy.com to learn more and email info@enahgy.com with the subject “onepodlife” to claim your exclusive 1 month free trial.


ORKA Golf Influencer & Staff Player

ORKA Golf is a multi award winning, leading hardware brand for professional club building, club fitting and product design utilising innovative technologies. Everything they make is custom fitted and built to your exact requirements by a network of professional custom clubmakers and club fitters.

Visit orkagolf.com to see their range.


Max Golf Protein Ambassador

Max Golf Protein is the Leading Brand in Golf Nutrition.
The Golf Drink: The World’s 1st protein drink for golf.
Golf Bars: Healthy, energy for golfers.

Visit maxgolfprotein.com to see their full range.


P2 Grips Influencer

The key feature of the P2 putter grip is the patented positioning of the shaft within the grip. Unlike any other putter grip where the shaft is positioned through the centre, in the P2 putter grip the shaft is positioned at the back.

Visit p2grips.com to order yours now.

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The purpose of onepodlife podcast is to share insights from Golf
Professionals; not your typical PGA or European Tour players, but the aspiring
Professionals on the lower rank tours. If you’re like me and aspire to become
a professional golfer, but what does it take to actually get there?

I’ll be talking to up and coming Golf Professionals playing on Tours such
as Jamega, Clutch, LET Access Series and TP, hearing their stories, how they
turned professional and any advice they can give me on how to get there myself.

I’ll also be speaking to some special guests, such as PGA Coaches
and how they go about moulding their students ready for life on Tour.

I hope you enjoy the episodes.

Click here to listen to onepodlife on iTunes Podcasts
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Visit www.enahgy.com to learn more and email info@enahgy.com
with the subject “onepodlife” to claim your exclusive 1 month free trial.

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Partner Deals

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Vitality’s Life Insurance not only gives you the peace of mind that you and your families future is financially protected if you die or become seriously ill, it encourages you to get moving and earn rewards with a variety of partners and get discounts along the way.

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