I’ve been lucky enough to be associated with some great brands on my journey so far.

Currently I’m supported by:


Enahgy Golf

Enahgy Golf is a golf development platform. They are committed to providing a service that allows you to reach your maximum potential by improving your mindset, creating physical longevity and funding your golf career. What they’ve done is take the professional “Tour Team” experience and brought it to you through their platform so that you can have your very own tour team in your pocket.


P2 Grips

The key feature of the P2 putter grip is the patented positioning of the shaft within the grip. Unlike any other putter grip where the shaft is positioned through the centre, in the P2 putter grip the shaft is positioned at the back.

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Lyle & Scott Golf

Since the 1960’s, Lyle & Scott has been synonymous with golf. Our adoption into Casual’s culture and mainstream fashion was driven through the aspirational perception of Lyle & Scott, as the “original golf brand”.  It was through the world of golf that the now iconic Eagle logo was born, now widely recognised as a seal of quality and performance. The Eagle has been worn by some of the true greats of the game, and whilst we are hugely proud of the influence we have had on golf to date, we now wish to drive a new wave of change.

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Pitch London

Situated within a Grade II listed building, our ground floor and mezzanine boast the perfect venue for social gatherings, work catch-ups and team socials. A truly multifunctional space, Pitch Clubhouse has a bar and lounge, food menu and three large bays, each fitted with GCHawks.

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On Par Nutrtion

Working alongside experts in nutrition, we have designed a delicious and convenient snack, with the purpose of keeping you at your best throughout 18 holes.

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Northern Ball Markers

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England, Northern Ball Markers creates custom golf accessories for all golfers. Each piece is uniquely crafted to meet your request. Northern Ball Markers was established through a combination of a love of golf and an appreciation of unique custom-made golf accessories.

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Pharaoh Co.

The inspiration behind the brand came from our Alpha Male, Gizmo, our Egyptian Pharaoh Hound who was rescued by one of our Pack Leaders from the kill list in a Spanish impound 15 years ago. We know many animals suffer the same fate and need our support. With that at the forefront of the brands thinking, we will be partnering with The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary charity with a proportion of our sales being donated towards helping those needing that extra love and attention they deserve.

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At MailOrderGolf we provide you with great quality golf equipment at affordable prices. To achieve this, we buy lake balls directly from the divers. We then rigorously check each ball in our own factory using a unique sorting method thus ensuring that you get the best quality balls at the best possible prices!

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Blast Golf

Blast brings practice anywhere and everywhere. Work on your short game in your living room or on the practice range and anywhere in between using the Blast Golf sensor and app.

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Green Swing

At Green Swing, we have a passion to make a change and manufacture good and fit for purpose products that will positively impact golf. With our range of bamboo golf tees, we hope to offer a fantastic alternative to plastic and wooden golf tees.

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