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FEATURE – 13th June 2020

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When I started my instagram page, it was an outlet for me to share my interest and love for the game but now it’s showing my journey on my pursuit to become a Professional Golfer.

Alex, from Elevation Golfing Nation, featured me in a piece named “Instagram Golf Accounts – The Most Social of Golfing Media“, where he admires my dedication and drive to achieve my goals. Click here to read his full blog post and his thoughts on how social media can be a powerful tool.

As well the feature, Alex travels the globe as a Commercial Pilot and is lucky enough to play some amazing golfers on his way. His very thorough point system and honest reviews of the course have lead him to gain some great insights for others to use.

Follow Alex on Instagram using @elevation_golfing_nation where you get to see his latest adventures and advice on courses.


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