What a year….2018

As another year draws to an end, it’s time to look back and appreciate what’s happened and what I’ve achieved. If you had told me when I started this journey and my Instagram profile that I would’ve met all these amazing people and had such great experiences, I wouldn’t of believed you.

Below are some of my highlights for 2018:

TopGolf Coaching – Andy Agnoli

My year started by wanting to fine tune my game and bring that handicap down. At the end of 2017 I met Andy Agnoli at TopGolf Chigwell and joined his tuition, this involved a lesson a month at TopGolf, using all the facilities available and improving my game.


I can’t thank Andy enough, he got me down from the dizzy heights of 27 all the way down to 11, yes 11!!! Unfortunately as I achieved, so did Andy and our time was limited and due to my work commitments it was becoming increasingly harder to continue our programme today. Andy, thank you for all your hard work and patience during some of our lessons.

GolfSixes – Centurion Golf Course

Oh where do I start with this one, one is the best things I’ve done in 2018 having the chance to play alongside some amazing Pro golfers at one of the nicest golf courses in-front of spectators too, wow!!!

So GolfSixes was an amazing format, first time I’d played greensomes and I’m paired with Charley Hull and Georgia Hall (now a Major winner), then another game with David Lipsky and Daniel Im.


I had the best time ever, starting with a nice fat rescue off the tee to getting a “great one putt” from Charley Hull and then Georgia Hall remembering my Instagram handle and saying “your @oneputtlife”.

The whole experience has made me a better a golfer, mainly as I asked about a million questions about their game and how they approach it but for me that information for gold dust.

I hope I can play in another format like that again in the future.

Flag Trophy Champion

The week after my GolfSixes appearance, my club was holding our annual “Flag Competition” where you’re paired with a fourball and the objective is to hit under your handicap and see how many shots you have left at the end, then with those shots, see how far you get down the first hole to be the winner. That was me!!!

I shot a 10 over and at the time my handicap was 13, so I was taking 3 shots with me down the first. I managed to get just on the fringe on the green in two, chipped on and almost holed it but it hit the flag and went about 3 foot to the left, not bad though.

To my surprise, no one else made it to the first hole with any shots, so I was CHAMPION!!! My first ever proper trophy in my golf journey.


I’ll be back next year to try and retain my title. But for now 2018 Flag Competition Champion, has a nice ring to it!!!

Bandit Golf Apparel

Back in May, Bandit Golf Apparel commented on a post of mine calling me a bandit and representing the wrong brand, 2 days later I was their brand ambassador!!! And it’s another one of the best things I’ve done this year. Not only am I now part of a great brand and able to represent them wherever I go, I’ve been involved in some moments with the owner of the brand too. You’ll hear about one of them later on in this blog.

The quality of their products is second to none and the range keeps growing from strength to strength. Not only do I get to wear the latest ones, I can also offer customers a 10% discount on all their orders by using my code “OPLBANDIT”.


Our adventures so far have taken us as far as Scotland, playing in a Jamega Tour Pro-Am with other Bandit Ambassadors and the friendship that has been formed is going to lead to more projects in the future.

To get your Bandit Golf Apparel hats, visit banditgolfapparel.com


This year, thanks to a great idea by @lloydigolf, I started a weekly programme called “#oneputtoftheweek” where I would celebrate the great one putts that are out there and help promote you amazing people.

Since I started it I’ve been sent some great videos and picked my favourite. You can see all the one putts that made the grade here.


Starting in October, #oneputtoftheweek has been sponsored by P2 Grips who make some amazing putter grips. Trust me, I’ve got one and it’s great.

Blake Golf Coaching – James Blake

Since my days with Andy Agnoli, I looked around and spoke to a few people in my area to find a Pro who could help me moving forward and I’m happy to say that I found James Blake. James is the resident Pro at my club, Canons Brook, and came highly recommended so it made sense to start my programme with him.

3 months in and I can definitely say he knows what he’s doing. My swing has gone through some big changes and shot shape too. I used to be a massive fader if the ball, he’s turned me into a drawer, gaining distance and shots.

I can’t wait to see what else we can do with each other to get me into the single figures and closer to that halo ground of 4 or under.


#beatthebandits aka @oneputtlife and @lloydigolf, take on a new contender every month, who plays alongside the owner of @banditgolfapparel in a matchplay format. If they can beat us, they’ll win some great Bandit apparel.


So far we have played 5 rounds and the score currently sits at Contenders 3.5, Bandits 1.5. We’ve ventured to Princes in Kent to Glen Golf Club in North Berwick in Scotland and in 2019 we have some great venues lined up for the rest of the series, all we need now are some contenders. The series now has an official ball sponsor in Wyre.

Southeast Golf Events

Things just keep going from strength to strength, I am delighted to say that I am now an Ambassador for @southeastgolfevents


I can’t wait to start spreading the word about this fantastic tour and of course playing in it, starting in February with the first event at @rcpgolfclub and the Tour Championships being held at @woburngolfclub in October 2019! If you fancy testing your skills against a great field, take a look at the schedule here and sign up.

Handicap – 10.7

Finally one of the best things to come out of 2018, has to be how my handicap has dropped. At the start of 2017, my handicap was 27, now it’s 10.7.

What a ride it’s been and I can not wait for 2019 to start so that I can set some goals and see how far I can go on this amazing journey.


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