Get a grip…a P2 Grip that is!!!

Living that #oneputtlife doesn’t come easy. Endless hours on my hallway with the putting matt, practising my roll and technique with my pull away, but even all of that doesn’t help, unless I have the right hand movements.

That’s where @p2grips comes in.

I had been an admirer of their grips for a while but I didn’t get round to ordering one. It wasn’t until a society match where I was introduced to the grips properly and had a chance to try one out, and I was not disappointed.

I’ve got a mallet Odyssey Dual Force 2 putter and although my putting has been very consistent over the last year, I was never happy with how sometimes I would pull the club through the stroke and cause the ball to go off line. I tried various grips, from the fat to the thin style ones but none helped with this problem. I even worked hard to counteract it but aiming my start line a little right, but this proved tricky when it came to putts with a big break.

I had read all about P2 Grips and how the position of the shaft increases the angle of both wrists and locks them in position throughout the stroke. This was music to my ears and when I got my hands on one at the society match, the grips certainly confirmed their claim which only made me want one more. So I did!!!


I went for the P2 Classic Tour for the way that it fits through the lifeline of both my hands, “If you review any good putting coaches blog post, instructional article or video, you will see that the optimum positioning for the grip while putting is through the lifeline of both hands. By positioning the grip high in the palm, it limits the amount of influence the wrists can have throughout the stroke.”*


Not only has it lined my up and made my stroke more consistent, the grip has also helped with my distance control when it comes to lag putting cutting down on those dreaded 3 putts!

I cannot urge you enough to either test or just buy one of these great grips, and see your putting game improve within weeks. Visit to order yours now and start living that #oneputtlife just like I do.


Alternatively, you could enter my #oneputtoftheweek competition on my profile @oneputtlife, which is now sponsored by P2 Grips. Live that #oneputtlife and send me your one putt videos to be in the chance of winning a @p2grips putter grip every month #oneputtoftheweek #oneputtofthemonth


*Taken from the P2 Grip website

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