GolfSixes Pro-Am 2018

Wow…what a day I’ve had at the European Tour’s second GolfSixes tournament at the Centurion Club, playing in the Pro-Am courtesy of TopGolf and Top Tracer. I really lucked out when our foursome was paired with the England Women’s Team, Charley Hull & Georgia Hall, and the mens USA team, Daniel Im & David Lipsky. The format was greensomes, which was new to me and led to some very exciting play.

Here’s a run down of my day with both pairings.

Round 1 – England Women’s Team, Round 2 – Team USA

Starting on the 6th Par 5, I had a combination of nerves, excitement and adrenaline which all together caused a nice divot on the tee box and ball going probably a total of 100 yards. Great start!! My partner for the day, Brendon, luckily hit a lovely drive onto the fairway and we went on to par the hole after he chipped onto the green and we completed a nice two putt.

This time I took my driver and found the fairway but Brendon’s drive was 20 yards ahead of mine so we used that one. With over 300 yards left, it was my go and I took my new/old Titleist rescue and managed to smash it 220 yards leaving us with a nice wedge into the green. That shot went past the flag and stayed up on the fringe, leaving a tricky down hill 35 foot. You guessed it, it was my turn. But don’t worry the #oneputtlife almost rang again but it stopped just half a yard away from the hole. Par it is then.


The second hole didn’t start off any better, this time I topped a 9 iron off the tee and we once again used Brendon’s tee shot but he went a little long which left me with a tricky chip. I took my PW out and hit a lovely bump and run to 2 foot. Par quickly followed.

Can you believe, I did the exact same thing with my tee shot whilst Brendon put his on the left hand mound. From there I again chipped out to leave the ball 2 foot from the hole, at least this part of my game hadn’t disappeared. Par.

Third hole for us was a nice dog legged left par 4, with bunkers to the right. Can you guess where we went? Yes thats right, straight in the bunkers…both of us. Only thing we could do was to get out with a PW and then Brendon played a glorious third shot into the green. The putt was left to me and in true #oneputtlife from 30 foot away, I sunk it with a nice left to right stroke. Thankfully Charley Hull was watching and gave me the best praise from today “that’s a great putt, well done”. I could’ve gone home there and then and be happy.

This time, the driver behaved itself and I cleared the bunkers to leave us with a lovely 180 yard shot into the green. Brendon blocked his shot out to the right, leaving a horrible chip over a bunker onto the green. I scuffed my chip and it went straight into the bunker, sorry Brendon. This time we left with a bogey.

Our fourth hole was a long par 5 with out of bounds to the left, which suits my baby fade with the driver at the moment. This time my drive stayed on the fairway and left us with about 250 yards. We decided that we would lay up but unfortunately Brendon mishit his shot and we ended up in the bunker in front of us, my turn. The lay up was still an option and we would then still have a chance to make par. I took an 8 iron and caught it lovely to leave us with a nice 50 yard chip onto the green. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make par, bogey instead.


This was probably our worst hole today, both pushing our tee shots out right and leaving horrible shots back into the fairway. I had a go and managed to reach the rough from about 150 yards, Brendon then hit a nice shot but the wind caught it and turned it left. I then had a 50 yard chip, which again I put to 1 foot. Boom we made par, how we did that I will never know haha.

The fifth hole was a slight dog leg par 4 with a pond kicking in around 280 yards. By now my driver was working and I was hitting it well, so I went with it again. This time, I caught it the best I have for a long time and it flew straight down the fairway. Brendon hit a great one too so we were looking good. As we got closer, the marshall that had been following us calls me over and says “good luck with that one”. I had just stayed up on the rough with around 1 yard to spare, that was close. We used Brendons ball and I hit a nice PW that kicked off the mound but not enough, leaving a tricky chip on. We walked away with another bogey.

With the confidence from the first time we were here, I took my driver and hit another solid shot but this time stayed away from the pond and by doing so it hit the fairway and rolled out to an amazing 310 yards!!! It was down hill but I don’t care, that is now the furthest I have EVER hit my driver. We went on to par this hole with another great chip back on to the green and a nice 1 putt.

The final hole for us was a 101 yard par 3. Having watched Charley and Georgia both put their balls to about 2 foot of the pin, the pressure was now on all of us. Brendon went first and hit a nice shot but landed at the back and the pin was at the front. I was up next and I took my 50 degree wedge, hit it pure, probably too pure at first but as it went 20 foot past the hole it spun back lovely to 2 foot just like the girls. the second best compliment of the day followed again, “great shot, that was better then ours”. I’ll take that all day long and talk about it for the next 10 years 😉 



Our final hole of the day again wasn’t our best, I managed to thin the hell out of my shot and went straight into the pond behind the green. Luckily Brendon hit the left rough of the green pin high, so I had a good bump and run chance with my 7 iron. I took my time and with everyone watching (Pros, caddies, marshalls and around 50 spectators), I was the most nervous I had felt all day. Ignoring everything I went ahead and played the shot, lined it up, picked my landing spot, hit it and as I do I knew it was good. It was tracking lovely, getting closer and…….it lips out!!! There was even a grown and ahhh from everyone watching. Felt like I was on tour!!!


I still can’t believe that I was playing with the likes of Charley Hull, Georgia Hall, Daniel Im and David Lipsky, let alone play well and get praise from them all. It was a fantastic day and I can’t thank TopGolf enough for inviting me to the GolfSixes Pro-Am.

Afterwards consisted of a roast lunch, prize giving (which we got none) followed by a few snaps with some more Pros and Vernon Kay. I can’t wait for my next outing on a Pro-Am (if I get a chance) and also to go back to the GolfSixes on Sunday to see how the Pros do it properly.


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